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For absolutely unbeatable pressure washing services in Bellevue, WA, get Spartan Exterior Cleaning. We pride ourselves in our transparency, professionalism, and exceptional quality of work!

We follow a three-step process for each one of our jobs that ensures a fantastic clean that surpasses your expectations, every time.

Make your Bellevue home beautiful from top to bottom with the fantastic pressure washing services of Spartan such as window cleaning, house washing, and more! 

Services We Offer

Pressure Washing

We use a pre-treatment prior to pressure washing your flat surfaces to help break down the dirt and organic buildup. Then we use high pressure to wash the surface. Finally we rinse the surface and post treat (when necessary) to brighten up the surface and protect it from organic growth. Oil and rust stain removal are additional services as they require additional chemicals to treat.
Minimum Price: $249

Window Cleaning

We use traditional cleaning methods for your interior windows using a window mop and squeegee. Exterior windows are cleaned with a water-fed pole which uses filtered pure water and a soft brush to wash away dust, dirt and grime from your windows and window frames. Our cleaning methods remove dust, dirt, bugs and bird droppings. Sap, Sticker and hard water spot removal are an additional service.
Minimum Price: $249

Gutter Cleaning

We remove gutter debris into a bucket or bag and dispose of it in your yard waste. We remove any downspout clogs and perform a system flush to ensure your gutters are completely clean and functional. We also tighten any loose gutter spikes or brackets. We do not repair or replace gutters.
Minimum Price: $249

House Washing

We use our professional grade, biodegradable detergent to wash your house using low pressure (similar to the pressure from a garden hose). House washing removes dust, dirt, cobwebs, wasp nests, mildew, mold and moss from your siding and soffits. We ensure to protect electrical outlets and ornamental plants around your home during this process. Oxidation removal is a separate service as it requires special chemicals.
Minimum Price: $399

Roof Cleaning

We use a light brush to knock off large chunks of moss, blow off loose debris and then treat the entire roof with an anti-moss dry granule. This service helps to kill existing moss but does not remove the moss. Soft moss treatment should be done every 6 months to prevent moss growth. This treatment does not kill Mold, Mildew, Algae or Lichen.
Minimum Price: $499

Commercial Pressure Washing

Elevate your business's appeal with our top-rated commercial pressure washing services, ensuring a pristine and welcoming exterior.
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Our Work Guarantee

We will come back and fix or touch up anything that was not to the customer’s standards. Roof washing is good for 2 years, window cleaning will be touched up if they let us know within 48 hours, and pressure washing is good for 90 days. We do a walk-through after each job to ensure that our customer is happy.

We offer a range of pressure washing services to thoroughly clean your home from top to bottom. While we believe our list is pretty comprehensive, if you are curious about a specific service that you don’t see listed, give us a call anyway! We’ll see what we can do to accommodate any of your needs!

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Roof Washing

Why Choose Us?

At Spartan Exterior Cleaning, we value transparency about our operations and process. We thoroughly inspect our properties before cleaning so that we can give them the safest and most thorough clean possible. We’re also fully insured, so in the very unlikely event that an accident happens, we’ve got it covered! That sense of security and professionalism matters a lot to our customers, and they can rest assured that their properties are being handled with the best of care- and the results are unbeatable!


Whenever you book us for a pressure washing service, we take the time to talk with you and make sure we understand exactly what you want from our cleaning, so that we’ve got all your bases covered. Then, we walk you through our process from start to finish, so you’ll know exactly what to expect. No stressful surprises when it comes to us! Because we take the extra time to ensure we meet all of your needs, we can focus on surpassing them- and you can sit back and relax.


We take notice of the smaller details as well as the bigger ones. Because of our devotion to satisfying our customers, we take time and pride in the work that we do on each job. We don’t stop until we’ve left your home spotless and in pristine condition!


Spartan Exterior Cleaning was built on and stands by the principle of providing great customer service and treating every property with the utmost care and respect. Because we’ve stuck to that principle, we’ve amassed a happy and loyal customer base- one we’d love for you to join!

Our Simple 3 Step Process

As part of our commitment to transparency, we lay out our three-step washing process here! While each pressure washing job is unique, we follow this method every time, so no matter what job you’ve hired us for, you can expect the same thorough preparation, attention to detail, and fantastic outcome.


First, we will come to your home to inspect it to ensure that there are no surprises — we do two inspections to be extra sure! This also allows us to get an understanding of how much cleaning solution we need and to see how many plants are on your property. We always ensure that your vegetation is fully saturated with fresh water before the cleaning to begin to keep it from absorbing the extra cleaning fluid.


We start by asking you which area of your property requires the most attention and we start there. We work our way around your home, paying close attention to windows and plants along the way.


We then rinse everything down and repeat the process to make sure that we clean everything properly. We always use appropriate pressure to prevent damage to any part of your home

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